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The Importance of Verifiable Work History for Nannies:

Dear Nannies,

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At Absolute Childcare we take pride in connecting families with the most trustworthy and reliable Nannies. However, lately, we've noticed a concerning trend in the resumes we receive. Many applicants list periods of work through childcare apps but are unable to provide references when asked.

We understand the convenience, income stream and flexibility that these apps offer, but as an agency committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients, we need to verify your past work history. References play a crucial role in this process, providing insights into your performance, reliability and ensuring you are safe to care for children.

While we recognise that it's impractical to check every reference for every booking during a period of temporary work, having enough references to verify this period of employment and establish your credibility is essential.

As a parent, would you feel at ease with a gap in an applicants CV that cannot be verified?

We've also encountered situations where applicants misrepresented their employment status or left previous positions under unfavourable circumstances, making reference checks crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of our services.

We want to emphasise that these instances are rare, but they highlight the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with your previous employers. References are your lifeline in the Nanny industry, and staying in touch with past employers can prove invaluable in securing future opportunities. We always urge you to seek permission before sharing any reference details, to respect the privacy and confidentiality of your former employers.

An APP imgage on a phone

We appreciate that Apps are a excellent source of securing work during gaps of employment, but relying solely on them can pose challenges when it comes to verifying your work history. Reputable agencies like ours may find it difficult to assist if periods of employment cannot be verified through references, so please bear this in mind and keep a record of where you have worked when taking temporary bookings. We have had a number of applicants tell us that they have since deleted the App, so are unable to show us the bookings and reviews they have had. The vast majority of applicants cannot even remember their employers name or address from this period of temporary employment.

Additionally, it's essential to address any gaps in your CV. Even if you've been temping since leaving your previous role, ensure that this is clearly stated on your CV. Unexplained gaps can raise red flags for potential employers and agencies alike.

At Absolute Childcare we're dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and trustworthiness among our nannies. By prioritising verifiable work history and maintaining open communication with previous employers, you not only enhance your chances of securing placements but also contribute to the overall integrity of our industry.

If you have any questions or require further assistance o this matter, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Absolute Childcare Team.


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