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Nanny Secrets: 6 Ways to Keep Employers Happy (that they may not have time to tell you!)

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

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busy parents juggling work and childcare

Landing that dream nanny gig is a bit like being the star chef in the kitchen. It's not just about following the recipe; it's about adding your secret ingredients that make it unforgettable. While your employers may not always spell it out, here are a tips to keep them grinning from ear to ear!

1. Punctuality: The Time-Tested Trust Builder

So, here's the deal – being punctual isn't just about setting your clock right; it's about making your employers feel right. It's a small gesture with an enormous impact, setting the stage for a reliable, no-drama relationship. Time is precious, and your punctuality and smile is like a warm welcome in the morning.

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2. Flexibility: When Life Throws a Curveball

In the world of childcare, flexibility is your secret superpower. Yeah, having a routine is essential, but, trust us, life happens. There'll be those surprise school events and unforeseen meetings. Embrace these curveballs with a grace. It's like saying, "I've got your back!"

3. Friendly but Professional: Keep Home and Drama Separate

Of course, we all have our quirks and life's dramas, but keep them backstage when you're on the job. Be friendly, be approachable, but don't spill your personal tea all over the kitchen table. Employers want a nurturing environment for their kids, not a reality TV show. Stay professional.

4. Go the Extra Mile: Because You Can and You Care

Sometimes, superheroes don't wear capes; they wear aprons! Going the extra mile, like tackling an extra chore or giving your charge a little extra attention, is a ticket to appreciation-ville. It's like saying, "I'm part of the family, I have this covered!"

5. Tolerate a Little Micro Management: Roll with the Parental Flow

We get it; you're the pro here. But guess what? Sometimes parents like to sprinkle a little micro-management for seasoning. Think of it as a side dish. Tolerate it, understand it comes from a place of love, and season it with grace.

6. Thoughtful Gestures: Building Memories, One Craft at a Time
Child sat at table drawing with crayons

Kids love crafts, parents love crafts – it's a craft-tastic win-win! Making a card with the little ones for special occasions is like adding a cherry on the nanny cake. It shows your dedication and makes the family bond stronger. And who doesn't love a handmade card, right?

In a nutshell, being the ultimate nanny isn't just about the job description. It's about creating a cocoon of love, laughter, and security for the tiny humans and their folks. By adding these not-so-secret ingredients to your nanny recipe, you'll become the star chef in the childcare world. Happy nannying!

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