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Is a nanny agency worth the Fee?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Woman holding child and another child hugging the child
Happy Nanny with Happy children

When it comes to finding a Nanny for your children, the decision can seem overwhelming. Many parents grapple with the choice of seeking a nanny independently to save costs or enlisting the services of a reputable nanny agency and paying a fee. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of choosing a nanny agency over the ‘do it yourself route’ and why it's often the preferred option for busy working parents seeking quality childcare and peace of mind.

1. Streamlined Screening Process: Searching for a nanny yourself means sifting through CVs and applications from various sources, conducting initial screening interviews, followed by in-person meetings and referencing and background checks. A nanny agency takes care of all these time-consuming tasks for you. A good nanny agency will only send nannies that match your brief, making the investment worthwhile for time-poor professionals.

Lady sat a desk being interviewed by a lady
Nanny and Parent during an interview

2. Access to Pre-Screened Candidates: Nanny agencies maintain a database of pre-screened nannies, some of whom they may have placed previously. This means you'll have access to a pool of candidates who have already met the high vetting standards of the nanny agency. This can not only provide peach of mind, but make the process fast and efficient. 3. Expertise in Matching: Reputable nanny agencies have their fingers on the pulse of the local nanny market. They understand the nuances of the industry, ensuring that the nanny they match you with not only has the required experience but is also culturally and socially compatible with your household. This personalised approach ensures a higher likelihood of a successful, long term match with a professional and experience Nanny.

Grey jigsaw puzzle with one blue piece left to complete the puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle - finding the missing piece

4. Time and Stress Savings: Seeking a nanny independently is a time-consuming process. Nanny agencies have years of knowledge and can identify a good nanny when they see one, sparing you from sifting through less suitable candidates. They handle the entire process, from initial screening to interview setup and feedback, allowing you to focus on your family and work commitments without the stress of the search. 5. Legal and Contractual Support: A good nanny agency will provide full support in creating employment contracts tailored to your needs and payroll setup for your nanny. They can assist with navigating legal aspects related to hiring a nanny, ensuring compliance with ever-changing employment laws and regulations, ensuring a legally sound and secure arrangement. Getting this wrong can be costly. 6. Long-Term Relationship Building: Nanny agencies are committed to building lasting relationships between families and nannies. They provide ongoing support and advice, which is imperative if you want to stay updated with the nanny market and hold onto to your Nanny. 7. Vetting Process: This element is crucial, and having a knowledgeable agent with sound experience who knows the key questions to ask and can spot warning signs is worth the investment for absolute peace of mind.

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Busy work station

8. Salary Negotiations on Your Behalf: A nanny agency has the market knowledge and expertise to advise on salary levels based on the applicant's experience, combined with prevailing nanny standards within contracts. This ensures you are paying the right salary, in line with industry norms and compliant with UK employment laws. This valuable support not only provides you with peace of mind but can also save you money, time, and stress. You can rest assured that the compensation you offer to your nanny is competitive and fair. 9. Rebate Period: Reputable nanny agencies in the UK typically offer a guarantee period to ensure the match between your family and the nanny is successful for both parties. In the unlikely event that things don't go as planned, the nanny agency will find you a replacement nanny free of charge. This aspect of their service makes the process of finding a suitable nanny as pain-free as possible. It's an additional layer of reassurance for parents, underscoring the value of working with a trusted nanny agency in the UK. When it comes to securing the best care for your child, the choice of a nanny agency is a well-informed and practical decision. The support, expertise, and peace of mind they provide, coupled with their thorough vetting process, make it a preferred choice for many parents.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect nanny, Absolute Childcare Nanny Agency would love to

Your family deserves the best, and the agency's cost is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and reassurance it brings.

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Happy family


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