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How to write an irresistible nanny CV

Curriculum Vitae with pen laying on top

Are you struggling with your nanny CV?

Do you have loads of experience, but find that your CV isn’t getting any responses? You may be perfect for the role, but if your CV isn’t selling you properly then you’re missing out on the top nanny jobs.

Here at Absolute Childcare we’ve seen some brilliant nanny CVs… and some absolute shockers. Here’s how to get noticed by the best nanny employers in the country:

Provide a covering letter

Why is the covering letter so important? It’s all down to first impressions. You are guaranteed to make a good one if you introduce yourself personally and outline your suitability for the specific role.

Here are a few rules: 

·       Address your covering letter by name to the person receiving it.

·       NEVER send a generic letter. For each individual application, make a strong connection between your skills and the employer’s needs.

·       Provide an overview of relevant experience and childcare qualifications.

·       Don’t forget your location, availability and salary requirements.

End the letter by asking for an interview, and mention what you’ll be doing to follow up the application – a phone call, for example. Now let’s move on to the CV itself…    

Get the spelling and grammar right

Imagine you’re a busy parent - or a busy recruitment consultant. It takes about 15 seconds to decide whether to ditch a CV… or carry on reading. It’s those first impressions again.

Unfortunately, the quickest route to CV death is via basic spelling and grammar mistakes. It might sound unfair, but that’s just the way it is.  

Most parents will expect you to provide some kind of educational support, from reading a bedtime story to assisting with the homework. If you make mistakes all over your CV they may not trust your ability to help at all.

If in doubt, get someone to proofread it.   

Make your CV easy to read

Women in a black suit reviewing a CV

Nobody has time for squinting at small curly fonts.

Use a clear sans-serif font like Arial or Calibri,  no smaller than 10 point, no larger than 12 point. Only use larger point size for your name, and section headings. Put headings in bold and make sure they’re in bold throughout the CV.

Start with the key information

People always focus on the top half of the page first so this is where you put the key information. Start with the following:

·       Your location – Many nannies lose out on great jobs because they don’t say where they are  

·       Required salary – Please tell us! We want to find you the best paid jobs

·       Driver or non-driver

·       Full-time or part time – If part-time, don’t forget to mention your availability

·       Live-in or live-out

·       Any allergies to pets

Download our nanny CV template

Personal profile

Girl sat at window on computer typing, wearing headphones

Your personal profile should be a short paragraph – 5 lines maximum - that gives an overview of experience relevant to the individual application, how long you’ve worked, qualifications, what you’re looking for and crucially, when you’re available.

The personal profile is a great opportunity to say who you are, what you want, and your general approach to childcare. But it’s tricky with only 5 lines. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like some help. 

Your work history

Your work experience should be listed with the most recent or current position at the top, and the oldest at the bottom. This is what we’ll need to know:

·       The age of the children

·       Shared care or sole charge

·       Your salary

·       Your duties

·       If you’re currently employed, your availability for future work

This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Try and think beyond `caring for children 0-2 years’. Instead, sell the benefits of expertise in a way that really resonates with parents – support with weaning, implementing routines, potty training, helping with homework, cooking healthy and appetising meals for children…

Keep it short

Try and avoid writing a book. A single page is ideal, but if you have extensive experience there’s nothing wrong with a 2-page CV.

Don’t forget, the purpose of your CV is to secure an interview. You can go into more details once you’re in front of your prospective employer.


A face talking into phone

You should generally include 3 professional references from families who’ve employed you as a nanny, or in a similar childcare role. If you’re running out of space, there’s no need to list them on your CV.  It’s perfectly OK to write `References available on request’.

Ask for professional help

We hope this information has been useful. But if you’re still struggling, we can help craft a professional nanny CV that shows you at your best.

Get in touch with Absolute Childcare on 020 8150 0017 or drop us an email.       

If you’re happy with your CV and looking for a nanny role, we’d love to see it. You can upload it here.

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