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Rota Nanny

24/7 Dedicated Childcare for Your Peace of Mind

Rota Nanny

Rota Nannies

24/7 Dedicated Childcare for Your Peace of Mind

A Rota Nanny is the perfect solution for families seeking continuous care for their children. This dedicated caregiver works on a rota system, providing round-the-clock coverage to ensure your children are well-cared for at all times.

Here's what you need to know about Rota Nannies:

Flexible Rotation System

Rota Nannies work on a rotating schedule, typically 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. However, the rotation time frame can be customized to suit your family's needs, ranging from 3 to 4 weeks on and off.

Continuous Coverage

amilies with demanding jobs or commitments often hire Rota Nannies. These high-profile families require 24/7 childcare support, and a Rota Nanny ensures that children receive continuous care and attention.

Living Arrangements

Rota Nannies live with the family during their working weeks. Families may provide accommodation, or the nanny can return to their own home during their time off.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Rota Nanny takes full responsibility for your children's care. Their duties include nursery care, creating and organising schedules, planning fun and educational activities, providing homework and reading support, preparing meals, assisting with bath and bedtime routines, and even providing overnight care if needed.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a Rota Nanny brings peace of mind to parents, knowing that their children are in capable and caring hands 24/7.

Competitive Salary

Rota Nannies typically receive a competitive salary, which may vary based on the location and demands of the role. On average, the salary expectation for a Rota Nanny is around £60,OOO - £75,000 gross per annum.

At Absolute Childcare, we understand the importance of finding the perfect caregiver for your family's unique needs. Whether you require a Rota Nanny, daily nanny, mother's help, nanny housekeeper, or any other childcare professional, we're here to assist you.

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