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Nanny Share

Hiring a professional nanny and dividing the costs

Nanny Share

Nanny Shares - The smart, cost-saving choice for neighbouring families

Nanny shares are a popular option for families living close to each other. This arrangement involves hiring a professional nanny together and dividing the costs.

What to Know About Nanny Shares

  • Holidays and Time Off: It's best for both families to synchronise their nanny's holiday dates to avoid scheduling conflicts.

  • Location and Equipment: Decide whether the nanny will work in one house or alternate between the families' homes. Both homes should be well-equipped with essentials like high chairs and cots to avoid inconvenience.

  • Transportation: Discuss whether the nanny will have access to a car and be provided necessary safety equipment. Agree on sharing additional insurance and costs related to the car.

  • Compatibility: Ensure the nanny can comfortably and logistically handle the age range and number of children in the share, this becomes particularly prevalent during the school holidays with all children home.

  • Financial Arrangements: Clarify cost-sharing for food, heating, activities, meals, etc.

  • Ensure both families share the same parenting style/values.

  • Petty Cash: Set up a suitable arrangement to cover children's activities, food, treats, etc., so the nanny isn't out of pocket.

Nanny share costs

The cost of a Nanny will vary depending on the number of children, days and hours and of course the Nanny’s experience.   The hourly rate will be higher for a Nanny share arrangement as the Nanny will have double the responsibility. Budget on average an extra £5 per hour, on top of the going rate for a Daily Nanny.

If you are considering a Nanny Share, our experienced consultants can address any questions you may have. It's essential to plan and confirm all details from the outset to ensure the success of the arrangement.

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