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Nanny PA

Before and after school

Nanny PA

Nanny PA (Personal Assistant)

A Nanny PA, or Nanny Personal Assistant, offers a brilliant option for parents who require a Nanny to care for their children before and after school while also benefiting from Personal Assistant duties during the day.

This arrangement allows you to provide the Nanny with full-time hours, making the role more attractive to experienced Nannies. It ensures you have continuous coverage, even on school holidays or when the children are unwell or have an inset day.

The Role of a Nanny PA

A Nanny/Personal Assistant seamlessly combines standard Nanny duties with essential Personal Assistant tasks, ensuring your household and personal matters are efficiently managed. The Nanny PA can handle a range of responsibilities.

Household PA Duties

  • Online grocery shopping

  • Researching utility companies and coordinating updates

  • Arranging MOT and servicing for family cars

  • Managing appointments and diaries

  • Researching holiday options and travel arrangements

  • Liaising with trade professionals

  • Overseeing pet supplies and appointments

  • Pet care/dog walking/feeding

  • Coordinating travel arrangements

  • Household errands – dry cleaners/post office

  • Packages – accepting and returns

  • Party arrangements/organising presents/catering

  • Household organization/repairs

The specific duties can be tailored and negotiated based on the family's unique requirements and the demands of any accompanying business.

Salary Expectations

A Nanny PA’s salary level will be the same as a full-time daily nanny, on average £20 gross per hour for full-time hours.

Get in Touch

If you believe a Nanny PA could be the perfect solution for your family's needs, please don't hesitate to contact us for further advice and assistance.

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