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Live-in Nanny

All-in-one solution for busy families

Live-in Nanny

Live-in Nanny

A Live-in Nanny offers an all-in-one solution for busy families, full time hours, one on one childcare for your children and full time, flexible hours.  At Absolute Childcare we connect you with Live-in Nannies who are capable and willing to care for your child or children in the comfort of your home.

The Primary Responsibilities of a Live-in Nanny

A Live-in Nanny's main focus is on caring for your children in your absence. They ensure your little ones receive the utmost attention, love, and support, while also facilitating their learning and development. While a Nanny can never replace a parent's love, they step in to fill the gap when you cannot be there.

Common Duties of a Live-in Nanny

While duties may vary based on your family's needs, typical responsibilities of a Live-in Nanny include:

  • Taking children to/from nursery or school

  • Organising engaging activities like arts, crafts, reading, and playdates

  • Assisting with homework and supporting the transition to nursery/school

  • Facilitating educational play for children's development

  • Attending baby classes/groups and social events

  • Keeping play areas tidy and organised

  • Managing appointments and diaries for the children

  • Performing children's laundry, preparing nutritious meals, and maintaining their rooms and play areas

Babysitting and Work Hours

Live-in Nannies typically work 10-12 hours per day, typically starting work at 7am and finishing at 7pm, providing the added advantage of two evenings of babysitting per week (Monday to Thursday) included to provide the support for parents working late or wanting to enjoy a night out.

Accommodation and Car Use

Live-in Nannies require their own bedroom, and ideally, a private bathroom is preferred, although sharing with the children is acceptable. Families may provide a car for work use only, and some may allow limited personal use outside of working hours.

Meals and Personal Time

Parents are expected to provide food for the nanny during the working week. On weekends, the nanny is free to use facilities and prepare meals using available food. Most nannies spend weekends with friends and family, eating outside of the home. During the working week, nannies generally eat with the children and retreat to their rooms after work to give parents space.


The average annual gross salary for a Live-in Nanny in London ranges from £33,000 – £50,000++ gross per annum. Salaries vary based on hours, responsibilities, qualifications, experience, and references.

Please note, additional costs to the employer will include Employers NI and Pension contributions.

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